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The Great Northern advertised heavily in magazines and other media to promote its passenger and freight trains.  In this section are ten color and b&w ads from the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's.  

WARNING:  These are BIG .jpg files (350k to 400k) and may take a while to download (especially if you're on a dial-up connection).  Click on the thumbnailed picture to view the ad of your choice.  Below each ad is a brief description and date.

ad_1.jpg (382574 bytes)

Empire Builder ad - National Geographic - December 1946

ad_2.jpg (392022 bytes)

Western Star ad - National Geographic - February 1955

ad_3.jpg (539524 bytes)

Empire Builder ad - National Geographic - February 1965

ad_4.jpg (316015 bytes)

Great Domes ad - National Geographic - September 1955

ad_5.jpg (479179 bytes)

Empire Builder ad - National Geographic - February 1947

ad_6.jpg (321999 bytes)

Glacier Park ad - National Geographic - February 1953

ad_7.jpg (287952 bytes)

"Modern China" (pre-Mao) - National Geographic - March 1946

ad_11.jpg (129394 bytes)

Glacier Park closed for World War 2 (Rocky crying) - unknown magazine - from Ebay.

ad_8.jpg (238588 bytes)

Glacier Park reopening ad - National Geographic - May 1946

ad_9.jpg (424730 bytes)

GN Employees ad - National Geographic - February 1944

ad_10.jpg (452673 bytes)

GN Right-Of-Way improvements - National Geographic - February 1945

great_domes_ad.jpg.jpg (619047 bytes)

4 New Great Domes ad - Modern Railroads - May 1956

oriental_ltd_ad.jpg (156810 bytes)

Oriental Limited ad from back page of GN Semaphore magazine, March 1928.