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Western Star
Western Star2
Glorious Glacier
1948 Chicago Fair
2 Great Trains
BN Merger Plan
Vacations For All
Great Domes
GNR Welcomes You
Ranch Car
Winnipeg Limited
The Red River
Dome Pictures
Here You Are
Edmonds Depot
Seattle Worlds Fair

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Great Northern Brochures

This section contains many GN brochures.  Western Star and Western Star2 describes the amenities available onboard and along the route of GN's 1951-1970 secondary passenger train.  Glorious Glacier describes the facilities at Glacier National Park.  1948 Chicago Fair is a GN pamphlet from that summer's railroad fair.  2 Great Trains is a June 1954 folder about the Empire Builder, Western Star and other trains like the Red River and the Internationals.

I picked these up at the 2002 GNRHS convention in Portland, Oregon.

The 1961 brochure, Consolidation - Key To Transportation Progress was given to me by Mr. Dave Sprau for inclusion on my website.

The Internationals, Great Domes, Your GNR Welcomes You! Ranch Car, Cascadian, Winnipeg Limited, Accommodations, Red River, Dome Pictures, Here You Are, Edmonds Depot, Seattle World's Fair and Vacations For All booklets, I picked up on Ebay.