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Richard Rusnak

A bit of this, a pinch of that --simple-- n'est-ce-pas? But only the master chef, as for example Richard Rusnak, knows how large a bit or how small a pinch. One needs experience.

Sweetbread Patties

Skin and boil calf sweetbreads with carrots and onions until done, then chop fine and fill hot pattie shells. Serve with Bechamel sauce.

Bechamel Sauce

cupful butter
3 cupfuls milk
Yolks of 2 eggs (well beaten)
1 tablespoonful flour
Dash of salt and paprika

Heat butter in saucepan, adding flour and milk. When it comes to boiling point, take off and add yolks of eggs, salt, and paprika. Put over filled patties and serve hot. Garnish with parsley.

Wenatchee Apple Cake

Make a dough with 1 pound of butter, 1 pound of flour and 1 cupful of milk. Roll thin and place in baking pan, cover with sliced fresh apples, mix ground cinnamon and powdered sugar and dust over the apples --then bake. When nearly done add a custard made of 1 pint of milk, quarter-pound of sugar and 3 eggs mixed well. Bake again until custard sets.

Cream Puffs

cupful butter
4 eggs
1 cupful boiling water

Melt butter in saucepan, then stir in boiling water, let come to boiling point, then add flour, stirring until you have a smooth paste. Take off and let cool for 5 minutes, add eggs one at a time, beating continuously. Use pastry bag with half-inch tube and drop in greased pan. Bake in hot oven until done. Split and fill with fruit or jelly.