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Robert Woods

"Flavor to suit." Simple to do for an intimate group, but to please an ever-changing clientele becomes truly a test of skill. With Robert Woods it is a most uncanny instinct.

Great Northern Special Beef Pot Roast

Take piece of loin butt as large as required, put in stone jar with water and vinegar sufficient to cover, add a dash of salt to this. With a larding needle make a hole throughout meat and insert following items: Salt, pork, carrots and onions, 2 kernels of garlic. Place back in the pickle, add a few bay leaves to pickle and one sliced lemon. Allow to remain for 3 days in pickle. Place in a roasting pan and cook same in a quick oven until nicely browned.

Make gravy from juice remaining in pan after meat is ready and add sufficient brine to flavor to individual taste. Put beef in saucepan, cover with gravy and permit to simmer until well done. Serve with potato cakes.

Potato Cakes

Grate raw potatoes, add grated onion to taste, flour, salt and baking powder. Make into cakes and fry.

Minced Beef Tenderloin with Fresh Mushrooms

Shred 2 pounds of lean tenderloin -- slice 2 onions, 1 green pepper and 6 mushrooms, sauté all together until brown, add 1 chopped tomato and cover with Espagnole and let simmer until meat is tender. Serve in casserole underlined with toast.