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Ben Roselle

It is a constant source of wonder that such perfect meals may be conceived in the comparatively narrow confines of the diner's kitchens. The efficient skill of a chef like Ben Roselle is nothing short of magic.

Chicken Loaf

2 cupfuls cold cooked chicken
2 tablespoonfuls chopped parsley
2 cupfuls scalded milk
1 teaspoonful salt
cupful butter
1/8 teaspoonful white pepper
cupful shredded wheat
Yolks of 3 eggs
Biscuit crumbs
Whites of 3 eggs, beaten dry

Scald the milk, add butter, crumbs, salt and pepper, cook 3 minutes, take from fire, add chicken, parsley and yolks of eggs beaten light, last of all fold in whites of eggs, turn into buttered dish and bake 45 minutes in moderate oven. Serve with sauce made from 2 cupfuls chicken stock, 2 tablespoonfuls flour, 2 tablespoonfuls butter, one-half teaspoonful salt, one-eighth teaspoonful paprika. Mushroom sauce may be used.

Fillet of Beef-- Sauce Bercy

Cut out from a two-pound piece of tenderloin, 6 even fillets, season with salt and pepper. Heat tablespoonful butter in frying pan, place fillets in pan and fry briskly on each side for 3 minutes, serve on toast same size as fillets and pour over Bercy sauce.

Bercy Sauce

Finely chop 4 shallots, place in small saucepan with tablespoonful of butter and lightly brown for 5 minutes, stirring same often, add a wine-glass of white vinegar, one-half gill of demiglace and half teaspoonful of chopped chives, stir well and let simmer for 10 minutes.