1968 Builder
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This section is a color brochure describing Great Northern's Empire Builder from the Big Sky Blue era (1967 to 1970).

Brochure Cover

Route Map


Dining Options

Great Eating...In your choice of regal or informal surroundings

Dining Car

Superb meals served in the grand fashion. Spotless linen and tableware. Extensive menu for each meal. Diner by reservation, so that waiting is never a problem. Service for both Pullman and coach passengers.

Ranch Car

Unique coffee shop on wheels. Delicious and thrifty meals and snacks. Western decor includes pinto leather chairs, branding irons, peeled pole timers, other ranch atmosphere. Relax with a friend, book, game or drink in the car's lounge section.

Dome Car Options

More dome seats...more scenic miles...more real luxury...and you can go right to the gates of Glacier National Park!

Dome seats the full length of a car! Pullman passengers have a choice of 75 angled-for-viewing seats on the immense top deck of the Great Dome-Lounge car. Inspiring sights can be enjoyed along the entire Empire Builder transcontinental route.

Family fun every minute of the way. This Lounge section, on the top deck of the full-length Great Dome-Lounge car, adds exciting views to leisure-hour enjoyment for Pullman travelers. Low Family Plan Fares put an extra smile on Dad's face, too.

Two-level coach dome cars feature roomy, reclining coach seats with adjustable leg rests on lower level. Dome seats on upper level provide a grandstand view of all the scenery along the way. Dome seats are not reserved.

Beverage bar on lower deck of Dome-Lounge car serves a variety of refreshing drinks for Pullman passengers. Authentic art forms of Pacific North Coast Indians strike a cheerful note. Gay, informal atmosphere inspires a game of cards, a friendly chat, relaxation.

The famous Empire Builder, in Big Sky Blue, blends beautifully with the Big Sky country it serves. From the Great Domes, passengers enjoy a close-up, eye-level view of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Glacier National Park

EMPIRE BUILDER stops at eastern and western entrances during the Glacier Park hotel season.

Many Glacier Hotel is in the heart of Glacier Park. Dozens of lakes are within easy hiking or horseback distance. Departure point for sightseeing motor coaches.

Young and old enjoy angling for trout in one of Glacier Park's many lakes. No fishing license is required in the Park.

Mount Gould, mirrored in Lake Josephine's serene waters, presents a view of lavish splendor. Nature created this scenic wonderland millions of years ago. Today, its natural beauty remains unspoiled by the passage of time.

Rocky Mountain Goats, Great Northern's trademark, are often seen high up on craggy peaks. Glacier is a haven for other wildlife, too.

Going-to-the-Sun Road offers breathtaking views of Glacier Park's most spectacular scenery.

Sleeping Car Options

Your choice of Pullman comforts!

Whether you are watching your budget or in a mood to splurge a bit, one of the seven selections in Pullman comfort available on the famous Empire Builder will likely match both your purse and your pleasure. On your next trip enjoy the privacy and relaxation that only Pullman travel can provide.

Economy comfort. A limited number of upper and lower berth sections available. Foam rubber mattresses. Modern washrooms.

Perfect privacy. Ideal for business travel. Sitting room by day, private bedroom by night. Individual washroom facilities, heat and air controls.

Home on wheels. Spacious comfort for the single traveler. Plenty of room to move about, change clothes, wash in privacy. Bed pulls down from wall..

Roomy, relaxing. Perfect for vacationing couple or single traveler. Sofa by day makes into bed; second berth pulls down. Private washroom.

Luxury living. Superb accommodations for one or two. Sofa seat plus chair. Washroom facilities. Weather controls.

Grand style. Nothing finer for family or group. Spacious living room by day, two full bedrooms by night. Ample room to relax, entertain.

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Connections: Make convenient connections on the Empire Builder with trains to the east and south in Chicago; trains to or from California in Seattle or Portland; air or ship to Hawaii or Alaska from Seattle or Vancouver, B.C.

For more information or reservations ask your travel agent or call or write Great Northern representatives located in principal cities of the U.S. and Canada - or write:

Passenger Traffic Manager
Great Northern Railway
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101