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SOUPS -- Continued

A straight veal stock, sometimes called bouillon blanc, makes a splendid soup stock-- particularly when used in equal quantity with chicken stock. Bouillon blanc is made by using uncooked veal as a base, adding chicken giblets, feet, neck, etc., celery, parsley, onions, carrots, turnips (no strong spices)-- strain thoroughly.

Mock turtle soup is made by using bouillon blanc and chicken stock as a base, and boil in this a calf's head, flavor all with mushroom catsup, curry powder and lemon peel, add the calf's head-- cut up dice shape. For clear mock turtle, simply strain and serve with quenelles.

A mulligatawny soup is make by using equal portions bouillon blanc and chicken stock as a base, then sauté some minced onions, add flour, make all a light brown, add curry powder, grated green apple and grated lemon rind, juice of lemon and boiled rice.

Cream of Onion Soup

Use 3 parts seasoned chicken or veal stock and 2 parts milk. Thicken with roux (flour and butter), finish with young onions cut in half-inch lengths, cooked in same until tender, about 10 minutes.

Clam Chowder-- Great Northern Style

1 lb. onions
1 gal. clam juice
½ lb. salt pork
1 gal. beef stock
8 lbs. fresh clams
1 qt. tomatoes
¼ lb. lard
2 lbs. potatoes

Braise the onions and salt pork in the lard. When well cooked add enough flour to absorb the moisture. Combine all in stock pot and bring slowly to boiling point.

Chicken Okra Soup

Disjoint raw fowl, place in saucepan with enough water to make a strong chicken broth-- cut the breast into small dice shapes, put in vessel with minced onion and green pepper and small piece of butter. Simmer until onion is soft. Add the chicken broth, fresh tomatoes-- cut dice shape. Season to taste. Boil slowly for half hour, then add okra-- cut half-inch lengths and cook till okra is soft, add small amount of Worcestershire sauce, boiled rice and chopped parsley.