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SAUCES - Continued

Anchovy Sauce

Bring to a boil one pint of Béchamel sauce, and add 1 tablespoonful essence of anchovy-- good for boiled fish.

Hollandaise Sauce

6 eggs
¼ cupful tarragon vinegar
6 oz. butter
Pinch of flour
½ cupful water
Juice of lemon

Make a paste out of flour and butter, then add water and vinegar, stir well, then add beaten yolks of the eggs. Put fire and stir constantly until this mixture gets thick. Do not let it boil. Add the lemon juice last. This makes a great white sauce, and can be colored red with beet juice, or green with spinach puree. Good for boiled fish or cauliflower.

Brown Herb Sauce

To pint of Espagnole sauce, add small amount fresh butter, juice of 1 lemon, parsley and chives, 1 bunch each, chopped fine. Season with sage rubbed very fine and dash of paprika. Good with baked fish.

Anna's Hot-Stuff Sauce

1 peck green tomatoes
½ doz. red peppers
1 doz. big white onions
5 cupfuls vinegar
2 stalks celery
2 cupfuls water
½ doz. green peppers
3 ½ cupfuls brown sugar

Take tomatoes first, chop fine and sprinkle with one-half cupful salt, stir up well and let stand while you chop your celery and onions and put them in and also the green peppers; use red peppers you chop, but don't mix until the last thing, just before taking off the fire. When you have mixed all, take a clean flour sack and put in and squeeze very dry, then put your vinegar and sugar on and let it boil, and taste so that it will have the right flavor. Put all the mixture in and let boil real good for 10 minutes, then stir in red peppers.

Pantryman Mayweather says-- "Wrap celery as soon as received, using brown paper and cloths provided, and keep in bottom of fruit locker where it is dark and cold. Before getting ready for table, place in ice water to chill and crisp. Don't serve the outside layers-- serve only the tender hearts."