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Mayonnaise dressing forms the foundation of practically one-half of all salad dressings-- and all that is necessary is to add the ingredients that give the name to the dressing you will serve, as for instance:

Thousand Island Dressing-- To mayonnaise add Chili sauce or tomato catsup. Green peppers and capers chopped fine, green and ripe olives, also chopped fine, improve this.

For a good Fruit Dressing-- Add slightly sweetened sweet cream, made a little tart with lemon juice, to a mayonnaise foundation.

If a rather hot dressing is required, add to mayonnaise dressing a small measure of Worcestershire sauce and several drops of Tabasco sauce.

A good dressing for fruit salads is made by adding to mayonnaise dressing a small amount of chopped English walnuts, pecans, raisins and figs.

A very pretty dressing for fruit salads is made by adding to mayonnaise finely chopped celery, green peppers, pickled beets and whites of hard boiled eggs.

Another good dressing for fruit salads is made by adding to mayonnaise very cold juice of orange, pineapple and syrup off Maraschino cherries.

Tartar Sauce

Make the mayonnaise sauce for same, as follows:

Take yolks of 2 eggs, light teaspoonful mustard, mix this thoroughly. Then work in some olive oil gradually, stirring until it becomes firm, when you can add some vinegar to taste and also some salt and a little paprika, after which stir and add 3 teaspoonfuls of catsup.

If the above mixture is too soft, work in a little more olive oil (keep stirring when adding the oil). Lemon juice in place of vinegar is preferred by many people.

Then take the following, chop it up fine, and add to the above, mixing same thoroughly:

Take a bottle of chow-chow (mustard pickles) and use there from some of the pickled cauliflower, onions, cucumbers, gherkin, and some parsley and a few green olives. This is to be chopped very fine and added to the mayonnaise sauce, mixing thoroughly.

Try Something New-- Don't be afraid to try new recipes and dishes. It is the only way to have an interesting table and really good meals. Guests will always enjoy something new, unless they are of the generation who proudly stated that they did not care for a certain eatable, even though they had never tasted it.