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30' Steel Caboose (2)

GN Caboose (several different series)

Model Manufacturer and description (HO Scale only)

Atlas wide-vision caboose

Basic Modeling Notes

Cabooses in this group (which covers a number of different series), can be built from the Atlas wide-vision caboose and the Moloco cupola # 1502. NOTE: some of the series have different roof and cupola roof lines and should be modified appropriately refer to photographs of the prototype.

The end details must be reconstructed and are similar to those for the X31-X40 series. Refer to photographs to determine the correct details. Building cars from this approach is not a fast kit bash and it will require a fair amount of work and skill.

Prototype Paint Color

Vermillion Red or Big Sky Blue

Recommended Decals

Big Sky Blue - Microscale 87-285
Vermillion Red  - Microscale 87-757 or Champ BRH-49


GN Equipment Color Pictorial Book 3

Dave Hickcox GN Freight Car Guide

Lines East, 2nd Edition

Revised 9/05/01

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