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30' Steel Caboose (3)

GN Car Series
X-96 - X-155

Model Manufacturer and description (HO Scale only):


Basic Modeling Notes

In order to represent GN cars the model requires a number of modifications; namely the cupola must be raised (use .30 x .80 styrene strip), add Plano roof walks (use the 35' PS type), reconfigure the ends on the model to match the GN, add end ladders, tool box and tube with styrene. In my opinion this model is very nice and cost effective. All of the changes are described in the May 1999 Model Railroader article.

Prototype Paint Color

Vermillion Red (X-96 - X105)
Big Sky Blue (X106 - X155)

Recommended Decals

Big Sky Blue - Microscale 87-285
Vermillion Red  - Microscale 87-757 or Champ BRH-49


GN Equipment Color Pictorial Book 3

Dave Hickcox GN Freight Car Guide

Lines East, 2nd Edition
Model Railroader article May 1999

Revised 9/05/01

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