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40' Single Door (6 wide) Box

GN Car Series:


39392-39399, (some loader scheme cars with 8' door).

Model Manufacturer and Description (HO Scale only):

Details West 50' Insulated Box

Modeling Notes:

Details West 50' Insulated Box - This is a simple kitbash. Remove 10' scale feet from the model, reattach the two sections, and add a 6' door, Refer to Staffan Ehnbom's article in the September 1985 Mainline Modeler. Door and side sill configurations vary on the "Loader Scheme" cars

Prototype Paint Color:

Big Sky Blue
Mineral Red
Vermillion Red
Glacier Green
Orange & Green

Recommended Decals:

Each paint scheme used a different variation of lettering. In order to determine which of the following decals is appropriate please refer to photos and the decal.
Microscale 87-185, 87-268, 87-571;
Champ BRH-31, HB-429, SHS-212, BRH-333, SHS-155, BRH-72, HB-385

Page Reference:

Book 1 - Pages 27-32, 44, 48-49

Revised 8/6/01

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