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40' Single Door (6 wide) Box

GN Car Series:

Intermountain Model:


C&BT Model:


Model Manufacturer and Description (HO Scale only):

Intermountain offers a prototypically current model of the GN 40' long, 10' high, 12 side panel car. This model is accurate for the above GN car series as listed by the car numbers. Or, another way of looking at it is that the GN operated 3,500 cars of this single prototype from 1948 until the demise of the road in 1970. There were several different paint schemes applied to this car and my book provides numerous photographs of different paint schemes in each series.

C&BT Shops - 1/3/4 Dreadnaught end, 12 panel box - 10' 6" interior height car. Several years ago C&BT shops released a 40' long, 10'6" high, 12 side panel box car model that matches cars in series 20500 to 21449.

Basic Modeling Notes:

The cars had either Camel (basically a Youngstown type door) or Superior doors depending on car series or individual cars. Add a Superior door and a 3/3 dreadnaught end for a 2525-2549 on the "Loader Scheme" cars page 13.

Prototype Paint Color:

Big Sky Blue
Mineral Red
Vermillion Red
Glacier Green
Orange & Green

Recommended Decals:

Each paint scheme used a different variation of lettering. In order to determine which of the following decals is appropriate please refer to photos and the decal.

Microscale 87-185, 87-268, 87-571;
Champ BRH-31, HB-429, SHS-212, BRH-333, SHS-155, BRH-72, HB-385

Page Reference:

Book 1, Pages 13, 33-44

Revised 8/6/01

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