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40' Single Door (9 wide) Box

GN Car Series:

Model Manufacturer and description (HO Scale only):

Red Caboose ACF Single Door Boxcar

Details West 50' Insulated Box

[I used a former Front Range kit to build this model but the model is no longer available.]

Modeling Notes:

Red Caboose ACF Single Door Boxcar - Make recessed roof by adding .020 styrene strip at top of ends before gluing on roof. Scratch build 9 Superior door with styrene sheet and strips.

Modify side sills and door guides.

Details West 50' Insulated Box - Remove 10' scale feet from model, reattach two sections, and add a scratch build 9' Superior door, modify bottom side sill (refer to photos).

Prototype Paint Color:

Glacier Green

Recommended Decals:

Microscale 87-996 and 87-926 or Champ SRS-515

Page Reference:

Book 1, Page 50

GN Photo Archive, Vol 2, Page 121

GNRHS Reference Sheet 147

Revised 8/6/01

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