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40' Double Door (plug sliding combination) Box

GN Car Series:


Model Manufacturer and Description (HO Scale only):

Red Caboose ACF single door boxcar

Details West 50' insulated box

*I have used the former McKean Models version of this car but the model is difficult to find.

Modeling Notes:

Red Caboose ACF single door boxcar - Make recessed roof by adding .020 styrene strip at top of ends before gluing on roof. Narrow Accurail 8 plug door to 6. For 12000 series, remove rivets from sides and scribe weld line in sides. Modify side sills and door guides to match prototype.

Details West - Remove 10' scale feet center of model body, cut opening for 6' plug door (modified from 8' plug available from Accurail), add 6' sliding door, reconfigure side sill.

Prototype Paint Color:

Big Sky Blue
Vermillion Red

Recommended Decals:

Vermillion Red - Champ HB-429, BRH-333

Big Sky Blue - Microscale 87-268 or Champ HB-385
Page Reference:

Book 1, Pages 60-62

Hickcox, Page 46

Mainline Modeler, June 86

Revised 8/6/01

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