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40' Single Door Plywood Box

GN Car Series:


Model Manufacturer and Description (HO Scale only):

Intermountain GN 12 panel 40' box car

Modeling Notes:

Modeling this car will require modifying the side panels and purchasing an Intermountain 40' box car rectangular roof. Refer to photographs of the prototype car. The side rivet lines must be shaved off, sand the side, and add three "ribs" made from .010x.020 styrene strips. Add the angular support extensions along the bottom sill. Door styles on the prototype varied - there appears to have been at least three different types of doors on cars in this group. The door with the model can be used (modified), or use the Camel (Youngstown) door that is available from Intermountain.

Prototype Paint Color:

Mineral red

Vermillion red

Recommended Decals:

Champ BRH-31 or HB-429

Page Reference:

Book 1, Page 18

Lines East, Page 145

GNRHS Reference Sheet 37

Revised 8/6/01

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