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40' Single Door (6 wide) Rebuilt Box

GN Car Series:

33000-33999 (rivet sides),

Model Manufacturer and Description (HO Scale only):

Red Caboose 40' steel box car with 10 interior height

Modeling Notes:

There are slight variations between each of the car series. Remove rivets, scribe weld lines (series 27000-27799, 34000-34999), add door (Camel), rebuild side sill by referring to photos. Bob Rivard wrote an article on building a 27000-27799 car in Rail Model Journal on how to build this model.

Prototype Paint Color:

27000-27799 - Glacier Green only!
Vermillion Red
Big Sky Blue

Recommended Decals:

Microscale 87-268
Champ HB-333, SHS-155, HB-385

Page Reference:

Book 1, Pages 45-47

Revised 8/6/01

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