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40' Single Door Outside Brace Box

GN Car Series:

4200-4399 Glacier Green
4400-4699 Big Sky Blue

Model Manufacturer and description (HO Scale only):

Red Caboose 40 AAR  (10 interior height) car

Intermountain 40 ARR (10 interior height) car

Modeling Notes:

The side of the model needs to be removed and replaced with a scratch built version (refer to a prototype photos for information on what to do)
Remove sides and scratch build new ones from sheet styrene and styrene strip. See Model Railroader, July 68 for article. Use a Details West - 10' plug door and brake gear detail. Add appropriate details ladders, grabs, etc.

Prototype Paint Color (cars in the series were painted the list colors):

Glacier Green
Big Sky Blue

Recommended Decals:

Glacier Green - Microscale 87-926 or Champ BRH-72 plus

CDS N scale 320 (a little small but the only available for the Glacier Green car)

Big Sky Blue - Microscale 87-268 or Champ 385

Page Reference:

GNRHS Reference Sheets 69, 147

Book 1, Page 52-53

Hickcox, Page 50

Revised 8/6/01

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