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50' Single Door Outside Braced Box

GN Car Series:


Model Manufacturer and Description (HO Scale only):

Accurail (Soo Line Historical Society)

Modeling Notes:

A very close model of this car is available through the Soo Line historical society. The Soo Line built a large number of box cars that were basically identical to the GN car series listed above. There are a few minor differences between the model and the GN prototypes, namely the lower side sill. The model was manufactured by Accurail for the Soo Line historical society. The society sells decorated versions of the car (SOO, WC), but it also sells undecorated models. Contact the
Soo Line historical society to obtain the undecorated models.

Prototype Paint Color:

Glacier Green
Big Sky Blue

Recommended Decals:

Glacier Green - Microscale 87-996 or Champ BRH-72

Big Sky Blue - Microscale 87-268 or Champ 385

Page Reference:

Book 1, Pages 71-75

Revised 8/6/01

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