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60' Single Door Box Car

GN Car Series:


Model Manufacturer and Description (HO Scale only):

http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/932-3564 Model is decorated in GN correct for the prototype

Con Cor, Single Door 60' box

Modeling Notes:

For the Con Cor model - ends on the model should be changed to a Pullman Standard type. The Walthers GN model is currently sold out from Walthers. The next alternative is to purchase a Walthers PS 60 single door car and paint / decal for GN.

Prototype Paint Color:

Mineral Brown

Recommended Decals:

You may need various sets to accurately letter this car from scratch - Walthers 934-52131, Champ M-of-W set (herald)

Page Reference:

Book 1, Pages 65, 96

Revised 8/6/01

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