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Charles Knapton

If merely reading Charles Knapton's recipes creates a feeling of pleased anticipation, you can readily understand why eating a meal by such a chef means complete satisfaction.

Hungarian Goulash

Equal portions leg of veal and loin of pork, cut 1-inch pieces. Mix flour, salt, pepper and plenty of paprika. Put in saucepan, half cupful butter, chopped onions and some fat from the loin of pork. Simmer all to a nice brown color, then add the meat and flour mixture, a little meat stock, some strained tomato puree, thyme, bay leaf, cloves, parsley, and celery to taste. Cover tight and cook for 1 hour. Add 15 minutes before finishing diced raw potatoes. Cook till done.

English Beefsteak Pie

3 lbs. flank of beef
lb carrots
1/8 lb butter
lb salt pork
lb onions
qt tomatoes
lb bacon
1 lb potatoes

Season with bay leaf, 4 cloves and small clove of garlic. Cut beef in one-half inch squares and salt pork and bacon in small dices. Put butter, salt pork and bacon with carrots, onions, cloves and garlic and place on range together and braise slowly for 20 minutes, then place the beef in same pan and shuffle around often to keep from burning, and when nearly done, sprinkle flour over contents to absorb moisture, pour hot soup stock or beef bouillon over same and cook 15 minutes, placing in fresh boiled potatoes, cut in small dices. Season with salt and pepper and place in individual bakers and cover with pie dough rolled thin. Place in quick oven and bake to a golden brown.