Columbia River bridge
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Columbia River Bridge by Leo Harker

The Great Northern Railway's crossing of the Columbia River is at Rock Island, WA located approximately 10 miles southeast of Wenatchee. Originally built in 1892, it was rebuilt in 1925 with a new through truss bridge built outside the existing structure. It is, essentially, a "bridge within a bridge". This was done to allow trains to continue using the span without interruption as the second bridge was built around it. This remarkable structure remains in service to this day.

Thanks to Leo Harker for providing the photos and historical background of the bridge. Leo resides in Idaho Falls, ID and is a member of the GNRHS.

Looking west across the span. Milepost 1641 indicates railroad miles from St. Paul, MN.

A 3/4 view looking west.

A broadside view looking south. Bridge within a bridge can be clearly seen.

A broadside view looking south showing approach and main spans.