King Street Restored
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King Street Station RESTORED
June 2013

Finally...after a long and meticulous restoration, the former Great Northern - Northern Pacific, King Street Station in Seattle, Washington has been reborn.

First, let's enter the station from the Jackson Street Plaza entrance.  There are TWO entrances from above:

#1 - The 303 Jackson Street entrance; #2 - view of downtown from entrance; #3 - The "grand staircase" entrance from Jackson Street Plaza; #4 - a view down the grand staircase into the Compass Room and King Street entrance.

Walking in the 303 Jackson Street entrance, we soon come to the mezzanine with an overall view of the restored interior:

#1 - Overall view of interior showing Gates 5, 6, 7 & 8; #2 - View back down hallway towards elevator and 303 Jackson entrance; #3 - "flower" detail in ceiling of hallway; #4 - Looking down mezzanine hallway toward the new stairs.

#1 - Looking down from curved part of mezzanine into depot; #2 - backing towards the new stairs looking toward curved balcony; #3 - view of the new stairs from main level.

#1 - walking from stair through Compass Room to new Baggage area-grand staircase up to Jackson is on the left; #2 - next to Baggage area is the elevator and the wood/brass doors to new Ticketing area-you can just see Gate 1 & 2 on the far right; #3 - view from ticket office through the columns (supporting the tower); #4 - looking south from ticket office towards Gates 5 - 8.

#1 - View of Gates 3, 4, 5 & 6; #2 - View of Gates 7 & 8, upper mezzanine, former Women's Lounge (behind closed double doors), women's restroom; #3 - Wooden benches, view of curved part of mezzanine; #4 - upper mezzanine from main floor - new Men's restroom and "Family" restroom.

DETAILS!  #1 - Close up of interior globe lights & gold/green tile and marblework; #2 - close up of tilework; #3 - 3 globed light fixture Jackson Street Plaza; #4 & #5 - detail shots of column and ceiling plasterwork.

The restoration was breathtaking.  From the smell of fresh paint, to the newly-cleaned windows to the attention to the smallest detail.  Seattle's King Street Station once again welcomes travelers to a "clean, well-lighted place".  Well done!