Playing Cards
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The following is just one of the many different sets of playing cards available for sale on Great Northern trains which used Winold Reiss' artwork.  These cards come from a two-desk set which can be dated from approximately 1955 to 1966.

WARNING:  These are fairly large .jpg files (200k to 400k) and may take a while to download (especially if you're on a dial-up connection).  Click on the thumbnailed picture to view the image of your choice.  Below each image is a brief description.

Felt cover and two sets of playing cards.

Chief Middle Rider (blue deck)

Buckskin Pinto Woman (red deck)

Promotional card which came with deck.  Photo is of the 1955 Great Dome edition of the Empire Builder.  Opposite side of card was blue or red deck pictured above.

Ten of Spades.  Note silhouette of GNR logo in center of card.

Joker.  Has a winking Rocky holding a joker and four aces.  "Take it from Rocky:  Five of a kind...the five incomparable EMPIRE BUILDERS."

Ace of Spades.  Great Northern logo centered on the card.