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Preserved GN Steam Locomotives:

wm_crooks1.jpg (59524 bytes)wm_crooks2.jpg (57827 bytes)wm_crooks3.jpg (61634 bytes)wm_crooks_st_paul.jpg (122167 bytes)

The William Crooks or "Wm. Crooks".  St. Paul and Pacific #1.  This is the locomotive that started it all.  The first locomotive in Minnesota and the first engine on what became the Great Northern Railway.  This beautifully-restored engine can be found at the Lake Superior Transportation Museum in Duluth, MN.  It is a bit crowded in there, so bring at least a 28mm lens to capture it on film.  Photo taken by Lindsay Korst in July 2001.

Additional photo (from postcard) shows William Crooks inside St. Paul Union Depot (current location is Duluth).

gn_1147a.jpg (149235 bytes)gn_1147b.jpg (253779 bytes)

GN 1147, Class F-8, 2-8-0 is preserved in a park in Wenatchee, WA.  Photos taken by Lindsay Korst in April 2001.  Additional photos of fireman's side taken June 2006 by Lindsay Korst

Update:  These May 2008 photos by Kevin Dellinger show GN 1147 in a fresh coat of paint.

Gn1246.jpg (26984 bytes)

GN 1246, Class F-8, 2-8-0 was originally preserved in Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA.  The City of Seattle sold this engine and it was moved to a private owner near Klamath Falls, OR.  Dana Payne sent me this undated photograph.  

03/04/2001 Update:  I'm sorry to report that 1246 is in pieces and unlikely to be on display anytime soon. 

pdx_con68.jpg (53547 bytes)pdx_con69.jpg (62746 bytes)pdx_con70.jpg (59641 bytes)pdx_con71.jpg (62630 bytes)pdx_con72.jpg (54031 bytes)pdx_con73.jpg (52292 bytes)

07/18/2002 Update:  The GN 1246 and the rest of Fred Keppner's steam engine collection has been MOVED to Merrill, OR.  Location is a mile south on Main Street to the SP tracks, then east a half mile along a gravel road.  Thanks to Alan Zuckerman and Tom Wloch for the location tip!  Photos taken by Lindsay Korst in July 2002.

Gn_1355.jpg (25394 bytes)

GN 1355, Class H-5, 4-6-2 is preserved and currently being cosmetically restored at Sioux City, IA at the former Milwaukee Road roundhouse. 

09/27/2009 Update: 

GN 1355 has undergone a complete cosmetic restoration and is proudly on display thanks to the good folks at Siouxland Historical Railroad Association.

You can read more about the restoration on the GNRHS site HERE.

p2.jpg (53258 bytes)

GN 2507, Class P-2, 4-8-2 is shown here  at Maryhill, WA in this July 1992 photo by Kevin Brown.

Gnr_2507.jpg (67811 bytes)

Great Northern #2507 is a class P-2 4-8-2 built by Baldwin in 1923 for passenger service on the GN and was retired in 1957. In 1962, the 2507 was donated to Klickitat County by the SP&S and placed on display near Maryhill, on the Columbia River. The SP&S donated the GN locomotive since all of the SP&S steam had already been scrapped (except #539, donated to the city of Vancouver, WA and #700 which had been donated to the City of Portland, OR). The locomotive was barged from Maryhill to Pasco a "few years" back with the intention of restoring it to operation. The restoration effort broke down and it's currently stored on a spur at the east end of the Port of Pasco waiting for it's fate to be decided by Klickitat County. 

Text & Picture above by
Brian Fritz used with permission.  Visit his website at:

GN_2507.jpg (93996 bytes)

Update:  GN #2507 is shown here at Pasco after being repainted.  It is rumored, this engine will eventually be shipped to Wishram, WA and put on display.  May 2003 photo by Robert Ulberg.

GN2507k.jpg (90735 bytes)buried_2507.jpg (75108 bytes)2507_cab1.jpg (79919 bytes)2507_cab2.jpg (59044 bytes)2507_in_jail.jpg (82989 bytes)

Update 10/3/2003:  GN #2507 has been moved to Wishram and placed inside a ridiculously-overbuilt shelter.  Luckily, Robert Ulberg was there to record 2507 before it was moved "inside".  The structure makes it nearly impossible to view the engine.  3 pictures above were taken with a STEPLADDER.  October 2003 photos by Lindsay Korst.

Gn2523.jpg (72880 bytes)

GN 2523, Class P-2, 4-8-2 is preserved at the Kandiyohi Co. Hist. Park in Willmar, MN.  Photo taken June 1997 by Elroy M. Olson.

gn2523a.jpg (37346 bytes)gn2523b.jpg (62843 bytes)gn2523c.jpg (50759 bytes)

GN 2523 Update:  This P-2 has received a new coat of paint.  Unfortunately, the painters slopped black paint over the GNR logo and completely painted over the 2523 and cab lettering.  Photo taken by Lindsay Korst in July 2001.

Gn2584a.jpg (18766 bytes)gn2584d.jpg (59924 bytes)

GN 2584, Class S-2, 4-8-4 is preserved next to the Amtrak depot in Havre, MT.  Photo taken June 1997 by Ron Gebhardt.  Additional photo taken July 1994 by Leo Harker.

havre2584a.jpg (88787 bytes)havre2584b.jpg (80714 bytes)havre2584c.jpg (99337 bytes)havre2584d.jpg (65780 bytes)gn2584_tender.jpg (74181 bytes)

Update July 2003:  GN 2584 is looking good during my visit to Havre.  Photos taken by Lindsay Korst in July 2003.

havre_2584.jpg (174217 bytes)

Update June 2005:  Vintage post card of the "Steam Locomotive 2584, Havre, Montana" which shows the original location EAST of the Havre depot.

Gn3059.jpg (26757 bytes)

GN 3059, Class O-1, 2-8-2 is preserved in City Park in Williston, ND.  Photo taken May 1997 by Ron Gebhardt.

gn3059d.jpg (67079 bytes)gn3059a.jpg (78151 bytes)gn3059b.jpg (77288 bytes)gn3059c.jpg (136971 bytes)

Update July 2003:  GN 3059 has received a new coat of paint, but it looks like they ran out of boiler green on the engineer's side just east of the smokebox!  Still a sharp engine.  Photos taken by Lindsay Korst in July 2003.

GN Steam Locomotives from the past:

gn2012.jpg (134863 bytes)

Illustration: 2-8-8-0 #2012 class N-3
Location: Spokane, Washington
Photo Date: September 1951
Photo by: Gayle Christen

Gn1723.jpg (43831 bytes)

Great Northern H-6 #1723 4-6-2 unknown location/date from the collection of P.B. Korst, Jr.

gn2555.jpg (164577 bytes)

GN S-1 #2555 4-8-4, Hillyard (Spokane), WA, October 1951.
Photo by: Gayle Christen

x228_sky.jpg (127439 bytes)

GN R-2 class steam locomotive caboose hops with X-228 at Skykomish, WA from a painting by Mike Pearsall.  Postcard from the collection of Lindsay Korst.

GN R-1 class steam locomotive #2043 passes Mount Index, WA.  From a Leanin' Tree Christmas card.  Scan courtesy of Rick Bolger.